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No plans yet for Christmas Eve or you don't know what to do? Come along with us on an interesting, entertaining and delicious Swiss Food Tour. We still have space so book now under "Booking".

We invite you to join us on our culinary tour through the Swiss kitchen. On a walking tour, accompanied by a local guide, you will learn learn intresting facts and stories about the city's past and present. In the course of the evening, you are visiting various pubs and/or restaurants where you can try various Swiss dishes. You will taste domestic beverage, traditional cold-cut platters and main dishes as well as a sweet surprise.

Hungry and ready to try it all? We can't wait to spend an exciting evening with you!

Your Swiss Food Tours Team


Information about the tours

The Classic tours are being held between 4 and 15 participants. All tours are accompanied by local guides and are held in English or upon request in German. Start hours and details may vary for the different tours. The fees are being paid cash at the meeting point or up to 24 hours before the beginning of the tour by PayPal. The tours will take place regardless of the weather conditions. All restaurants are in walking distance. Most of the meals include animal products, such as meat, eggs or cow milk. Vegetarian tours can be organized upon request.